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Dive in Portugal

Portugal has 900 years of history and is the oldest country with a closed border located in the extreme southwest of Europe. Portugal has many leisure activities and a unique cultural heritage where tradition and modernity blend together perfectly.

Diving around mainland Portugal has a lot to offer. Algarve coast has a variety of diving destinations for you to choose from. The Berlengas Island Nature Reserve is just a short boat ride from Peniche. Another top spot for diving is found close to the Arrabida National Park and in the municipality of Sesimbra. 

Portugal is not mentioned when talking about scuba diving. However, the country offers some outstanding diving, from the mainland coastline to the remote islands of Madeira and Azores.

Diving in the Atlantic Ocean is discovering completely different experiences and subaquatic species from what you get at other destinations. We definitely do not have the same diving experience as Southeast Asia. However, it is the best place to dive in the Atlantic Ocean.

Portugal is a destination for the diver that wishes to experience something completely different. You can dive into countless wrecks, caves, or dams/reservoirs within a 150 km radius on the same holidays.

According to World Travel Awards, Portugal is the best destination in the world.

So, let's go diving!!! But first, if you want to have a general idea about Portugal. just follow this link 

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