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Nuno Veloso  
Padi No. 427390 

The Ocean Is My Way Of Life

I will start with the story of how the Ocean entered my life. . .
In 2007, I went to Zanzibar in Tanzania for my Honeymoon. Africa. . . what a place on earth.

One morning during my breakfast, a Dive Instructor approached me and asked me if I had ever tried Scuba Diving?
I always was this adventure kid from a young age, so I agreed that I would try it the following day without overthinking. 

We met at the swimming pool, where he taught me the basic theory of diving and some technical skills. Like cleaning a partially flooded mask, how to recover my second stage (regulator), how to control my buoyancy, etc... 

In a matter of minutes, I was swimming underwater in the pool. Of course, I asked when we would have the chance to dive in the crystal blue open waters off Zanzibar? Where he told me in the afternoon. We met in the resort's dive centre to take the boat to the dive site.

I need to confess, I was super excited with a mixed feeling of good adrenaline and the movie "Jaws" in my mind. Years later, I found out that it was a foolish and cliche idea that sharks eat people... (just really in the movie..)

On the boat, we were 8 people, me, the "newbie", 4 advanced divers full of gear and stories, two Divemasters and the boat Capitan.
We set up our gear on the way to the dive site, and I listened to the other divers' stories. Arriving at the dive site, the 4 advanced divers jumped with one Divemaster. After some minutes, I jumped with my Divemaster, and my life changed in that 45-minute dive!! 

We were diving in liquid air. Yes, the water visibility was so clear that for moments I got the feeling of an Astronaut flying in water at 12 meters deep and seeing the advanced divers under me around 20 meters below.

The bottom should be at 60 to 100 meters the sea level. I could see giant green turtles, colourful fishes, and breathtaking corals. At that moment, I knew that my life had changed at that moment. Suddenly a family of 12 to 14 dolphins passed by us, almost like saying Hello. It is an image that I will never forget. 

Back on the boat, I and Divemaster start shouting at the others "Did you see that? Did you see the dolphins? Unfortunately, they were too deep to see it, and I became the Luckiest newbie in diving.
Since that day, I realized I would be diving for the rest of my life... 

Meet Our Staff

We are a very small team, as we care for quality instead of quantity.

Our aim is to assist people to have phenomenal diving experiences and to teach in a personal close 

interaction with our clients "Friends".


Nuno Veloso

Chief Instructor

- EFR Instructor

- Care for Children w/AED Instructor

- Open Water Scuba Instructor

- Peak Performance Buoyancy Instructor

- Project Aware Instructor

- AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Instructor

- Enriched Air Instructor

- Deep Instructor

- Digital Underwater Photography Instructor

- Underwater Naturalist Instructor

- Underwater Navigator Instructor

- Wreck Instructor

marta indi.jpg

Marta Borges

Executive Director

- Marketing & Brand Director

- Head of Booking


I will get back to you soon!

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