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Learn How To Dive

                                                       Did you ever think of having a Personal Trainer for Diving?


I am an independent PADI instructor teaching scuba diving courses in Algarve, Portugal.

Sharing my passion for scuba diving, I want to initiate active divers who will keep diving for the rest of their lives. If you are looking to get another plastic card, this is not the place. Nuno'Scuba is not just another diver centre in the Algarve; we are not a dive centre, we are a Scubadiving Personal Trainer or personal buddy or a place where you can learn at your own rhythm. 

Deciding where to do your first diving experience is extremely important. You must ensure that you get the proper training and value for your money. In Portugal, scuba diving courses are from three leading agencies, PADI, SSI and CMAS. The most important thing is that you enjoy learning in a professional, safe and fun way. For these reasons, I decided to open the Nuno'Scuba.

I follow PADI's system with my PT twists. After diving all over the world and meeting with so many different divers from different nationalities and cultures, I realise each one of us learns differently.

With Nuno'Scuba, you won't need to rush. My goal is for you to leave us after your 10th or 12th dive, not after the minimum mandatory dives to get your certification card. I just become comfortable inside water after 10 to 20 dives. I mean, confident, happy, relaxed, and thoroughly enjoying the underwater world and safety.

Scuba diving is an outdoor water activity that everyone can do until they are 75 years of age for those with good fitness. We offer you a diving tour guide in Algarve, Portugal. If you like to go on an international adventure, we can also arrange that for you. 

At Nuno'Scuba, my focus is your experience, our safety, and the ocean's biodiversity. For this reason, all my training classes and diving tours are private. I want to have all my focus just on you. I don't dive or teach with groups.*

Portugal has thousands of beautiful and diverse dive sites to explore.
If you always want to know more about the underwater world and its fantastic creatures? Contact us. We will be delighted to assist you. 

Scuba diving is your passport to extraordinary adventures linking you to the oceans and nature.

* I will consider creating Group Classes if you request it and show me a good reason. 
You might want to do it with your partner, family, or friends. However, with a maximum of four students per class.

Your Scuba Diving Instructor 
Nuno Veloso

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Confidente Diver

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